Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DKX001: Binary Sequence - Below The Ice

Released on 18th January 2010, Dark Arx presents a 3-track single of gritty, emotive electronic music by Binary Sequence. Binary Sequence operates in the margins of UK dubstep channeling his influences through a painstaking process of deconstruction and distortion. The resulting tracks are gems of electronica, simultaneously beautiful and sonically fierce.

Based in London, Binary Sequence has been playing, writing and producing music for 20 years. Before being swept up in the electronica of the late 90s, he spent years tackling the mind-bending harmonics and rhythms of 60s & 70s jazz and began to explore the possibilities of electronic production and after much experimentation and refinement he has created a unique sound, combining dusty distortion with pristine production values. Sonic comparisons point to Pole, Dabrye and Burial – but Binary Sequence’s musicality is rooted in “Artificial Intelligence”-era electronica (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Black Dog).

Downloads and vinyl available.
DKX001 "66/31" by binarysequence

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