Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Friday Dark Arx hit the airwaves in New York with an exclusive mix for the EKG show on WNYU, available here:
  Dark Arx mix for WNYU by Dark Arx Recordings

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gerry Read's "Patterns" on sale NOW. Buy it here: http://bit.ly/9bzjG6 or any of the usual stores. Thanks to the DJs+blogs for supporting.
  Patterns EP - Gerry Read (DKX003) by Dark Arx Recordings

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Dark Arx podcast, dubs from Asusu, Kowton and Gerry Read.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its official. Dark Arx #3 is out Nov 22nd. "Patterns" EP by rising star Gerry Read. Preview here: http://bit.ly/co0kVn

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sonic Router reviews the Blood Vein EP http://bit.ly/aAozYE

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blood Vein EP available now on Vinyl & MP3/FLAC

Blood Vein EP by Dark Arx is available now on 12" vinyl and MP3. Check here for stores: http://bit.ly/5He6Gu

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blood Vein EP - Boomkat Review

Good words from the pace-setters at Boomkat.

"Excellent dubtechno and garage crossover tracks from Dark Arx. 'Blood Vein' manages to keep the atmosphere dread and melancholy but balanced with light skipping percussion, whereas 'Streak rests on bulbous subs under percolating 2-step syncopations and 'Argent Sable' lays low within droning bass and slow crackling atmospherics. Fans of Andy Stott, Martyn or 2562 should pay this some attention."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dark Arx Podcast #3 - Dark Arx


A clash of bonafide classics from first-wave Detroit & Berlin operatives with with new blood from across the bass scene. Dark Arx's "Blood Vein" is released May 2010, other released tracks available from the usual outlets.

So The Nothing Grows Stronger (Dadub tool) - Lucy & Ercolino (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Valves - Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Blood Vein - Dark Arx (Dark Arx Recordings, May 2010 release)
Small Hours - Asusu (Project Squared)
Futurist - Instramental (Naked Lunch)
Aesaunic - Scuba (Hot Flush)
Sun Touch - A Made Up Sound (A Made Up Sound)
Base Camp Alpha - UR (Underground Resistance)
Q1.2 - Basic Channel (Basic Channel)
Subzero (Sandwell District Remix) - Marcel Dettman (Ostgut)
Kenton (Marcel Dettman Remix) - Mikkel Metal (Echocord)
Streak - Dark Arx (Dark Arx Recordings, May 2010 release)
M06A (edit) - Maurizio (m-series)
My Visor - Frank Martiniq (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Argent & Sable - Dark Arx (Dark Arx Recordings, May 2010 release)
Vapour II - Dark Ark (Unreleased)
Arc - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx Recordings)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Binary Sequence 66/31 [DKX001] now available.

Now available on vinyl and digital download from all good record stores.

CLICK HERE to find your local store...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dark Arx Podcast #2

Dark Arx Podcast #2 - Binary Sequence by Dark Arx Recordings

Dark Arx Podcast #2 - Binary Sequence by Dark Arx Recordings
Binary Sequence taking us on a journey through outsider electronica with tracks from across the spectrum spliced and layered together. Binary Sequence's "66/31" is released on Dark Arx on January 18th.
Onoff - Distant Personal Binary Sequence - 66//31 Flying Lotus - Dance Floor Stalker Autechre - Garbagemx36 Lukid - Chord Telefon Tel Aviv - When It Happens It Moves All By Itself Aphex Twin - On Pole - Heim (Fourtet Remix) Burial - U.K. Brackles & Shortstuff - Broken Harp Binary Sequence - Arc Scuba - Tense Photek - UFO (J Majik Remix) Binary Sequence - Below The Ice

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DKX001: Binary Sequence - Below The Ice

Released on 18th January 2010, Dark Arx presents a 3-track single of gritty, emotive electronic music by Binary Sequence. Binary Sequence operates in the margins of UK dubstep channeling his influences through a painstaking process of deconstruction and distortion. The resulting tracks are gems of electronica, simultaneously beautiful and sonically fierce.

Based in London, Binary Sequence has been playing, writing and producing music for 20 years. Before being swept up in the electronica of the late 90s, he spent years tackling the mind-bending harmonics and rhythms of 60s & 70s jazz and began to explore the possibilities of electronic production and after much experimentation and refinement he has created a unique sound, combining dusty distortion with pristine production values. Sonic comparisons point to Pole, Dabrye and Burial – but Binary Sequence’s musicality is rooted in “Artificial Intelligence”-era electronica (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Black Dog).

Downloads and vinyl available.
DKX001 "66/31" by binarysequence

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dark Arx Podcast #1


A mix of leading edge electronica to accompany the release of Binary Sequence's Below The Ice EP on Dark Arx Recordings. Release date: November 2009.

Ocean Of Emptiness - Deepchord (Modern Love)
66/31 - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Junction (Shed Remix) - Peverelist (Tectonic)
Below The ice - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Fall - Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
K&G Beat - Floating Points (Planet Mu)
Hard Boiled (SCB Edit) - Scuba (Hot Flush)
Argent & Sable - Dark Arx (Dark Arx dubplate)
50 Mile View - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Arc - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx dubplate)
Brother: The Point (2562 Remix) - Pattie Blingh and The Akebulan 5 (Ramp)
In System Travel - Jamie Vex (Planet Mu)
The Beast (Autechre remix) - Palm Skin Productions (Mo' Wax)

Support the artists: tracks can be bought from www.boomkat.com.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mastering + Stu Hawkes

Back from Metropolis Studios where Stu Hawkes applied science + magic to Binary Sequence's first outing "Below The Ice". You haven't heard of Stu Hawkes. But his credits tell the story...Panagaea, Roni Size, Thom Yorke, Metalheadz, Gilles Peterson, Breakage, Scuba and many more.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where can I buy?

Boomkat (UK)
Hardwax (DE)
Chemical Records (UK)
Phonica (UK)
Juno (UK)
HMV (Japan) 

Bandcamp (more money goes to the artist)
Boomkat (UK)
iTunes Store (Europe + US)
Bleep (UK) 
whatpeopleplay (DE)

Juno Download (UK)
Beatport (USA)

7digital (Europe + USA)
Various in Japan.