Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dark Arx Podcast #3 - Dark Arx


A clash of bonafide classics from first-wave Detroit & Berlin operatives with with new blood from across the bass scene. Dark Arx's "Blood Vein" is released May 2010, other released tracks available from the usual outlets.

So The Nothing Grows Stronger (Dadub tool) - Lucy & Ercolino (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Valves - Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Blood Vein - Dark Arx (Dark Arx Recordings, May 2010 release)
Small Hours - Asusu (Project Squared)
Futurist - Instramental (Naked Lunch)
Aesaunic - Scuba (Hot Flush)
Sun Touch - A Made Up Sound (A Made Up Sound)
Base Camp Alpha - UR (Underground Resistance)
Q1.2 - Basic Channel (Basic Channel)
Subzero (Sandwell District Remix) - Marcel Dettman (Ostgut)
Kenton (Marcel Dettman Remix) - Mikkel Metal (Echocord)
Streak - Dark Arx (Dark Arx Recordings, May 2010 release)
M06A (edit) - Maurizio (m-series)
My Visor - Frank Martiniq (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
Argent & Sable - Dark Arx (Dark Arx Recordings, May 2010 release)
Vapour II - Dark Ark (Unreleased)
Arc - Binary Sequence (Dark Arx Recordings)


  1. just curious, how did you make this?

    anyhoo i really dig it, very nice flow throughout. cheers!

  2. hey man, that subzero joint remixed by sandwell district is originally by ben klock, not marcel dettmann!